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In 2017, the Office of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson) and partner organizations developed a Methodology to monitor observance of the rights of internally displaced persons. The work was commissioned by the Ombudsperson with the support of UNDP’s “Strengthening the Capacities of the Office of the Ombudsperson” project and the Council of Europe’s “Strengthening the Human Rights Protection of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine” project. It was co-ordinated by the “Group of Influence” NGO.

The Methodology includes toolsets for various target groups, which, based on the specificities of the mandate of the Human Rights Ombudsperson, enable systemic problems concerning the rights of internally displaced persons to be identified and individual violations of the rights of IDPs that require prompt response to be recorded.

This report is based on data from comprehensive research based on a series of surveys of different target groups and focused analysis of the findings at each stage.