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In June 2018, Ukraine submitted the Eighth Periodic Report on Ukraine’s implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (hereinafter – the Covenant).

Nevertheless, the matters related to the conflict and its impact on the observance of human rights in Ukraine have not been properly reflected in the state report while ensuring the rights of conflict-affected people, including internally displaced persons, is one of the most urgent issues in the context of international armed conflict.

Therefore, the Coalition of NGOs working with the rights of internally displaced persons and those who reside on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine has drafted and tabled with the Committee the shadow report focusing specifically on the civil and political rights of conflict-affected people in Ukraine.

This submission provides brief summary on the issues discussed in more details in the shadow report, as well as specifies questions to the Government of Ukraine.

The authors of the submission have considerable experience in drafting and advocating for draft legislation in the field of protection of IDPs` rights, take part in working groups at line ministries, provide notable social, information and legal assistance to conflict-affected people and cover the events that take place on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Download the shadow report