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NGO “Civil holding “GROUP OF INFLUENCE” (GoI) being established in 2016 by team of NGO Donetsk Committee of Voters of Ukraine having over 20 years of experience was forced to move from Donetsk after the Russian aggression started.

One of the main GoI’s goals is to contribute to the continued strengthening of regional and local communities by encouraging full political, social and business participation of all their members, including IDPs and other groups of internal migrants.

We believe that joining efforts of civil society, local authorities, and national decision-makers could bring about changes to address detrimental impact of the conflict consequences and develop measures to harness possible gains from the inclusion of all groups of citizens into the communities’ growth.

Areas of activity:

– Impact on the development and implementation of state policy on internally displaced persons and residents of temporarily uncontrolled territories
– Strengthening the capacity of actors working in communities and conflict issues in eastern Ukraine
– Increasing the level of citizen participation in local governance and access to community services
– Monitoring of Human Rights
– Conducting trainings on organizational development and advocacy
– Protection of the electoral rights of internally displaced persons and other mobile citizens within the country

For now, GoI experts became an integral part of working group on improvement the residence registration under the Ministry of Interior Affairs, as well as coordinating a subgroup on Improving national legislation on IDPs human rights within the interagency Working Group under the Ministry of temporarily occupied territories and IDPs in Ukraine.

In addition, NGO “GROUP OF INFLUENCE” is one of the authors of the Draft law #6240 on electoral rights of IDPs and other internal migrants and the draft law #6692 on Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on the Right to Pension of Certain Categories of Citizens (in cooperation with Donbass SOS, NRC and SSS) registered by Parliament in 2017.

GoI leads a widen advocacy campaign and gathered 10 regions in coalition aimed at protection voting rights of IDPs and other internal migrants. The GoI has been administering several projects aimed at Ombudsperson’s support on IDPs rights during 2016-18.

The GoI is one of the Hubs in the UNDP Project “The Network of Civil Society Hubs” that aims at development civil society organizations and promotion democracy and foster participatory and result-driven Government-CSO dialogue.

The GoI experts have developed the “Methodology for monitoring the rights of internally displaced persons in Ukraine” for use by the Office of the Ombudsman and partner NGOs, on request of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human rights with the support of the UNDP project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Secretariat of the Parliament Commissioner for Human rights” and the project of Council of Europe “Strengthening the protection of human rights of internally displaced persons in Ukraine”.